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Walk, Don't Run: The Best of

These guys are my guitar heroes. Forget Eddie Van Halen or Ritchie Blackmore. This is where it all began for me. I play songs like Walk, Don't Run almost every time I pick up the guitar. Among other credits they have include the popular Wipe Out, Journey to the Stars, Hawaii Five-O, Perfidia, Pedal Pusher, and Slaughter on Tenth Avenue. Walk, Don't Run was released 35 years ago and it is still a timeless classic. If you're ever into surf music, or are learning to play the guitar, be sure to pay attention to these boys.

The Best of the Ventures

It's easier to cop-out and buy "best of" compilations of The Ventures than buy original albums for the particular singles I want. Specifically, this album besides including classics such as Walk, Don't Run (written by jazz guitarist Johnny Smith) and Wipe Out (The Surfaris) also includes tunes like Cruel Sea (by Mike Maxfield of Dakotas, and one of the first songs I learnt on the guitar) and live versions of Slaughter on the Tenth Avenue (Richard Rodgers) and Journey to the Stars. As mentioned earlier, this was a band that had a profound influence on the music I make. I consider surf music to be one of the most emotional forms of music there is. The Ventures really illustrate what an expressive instrument the guitar can be.

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