Compilation and soundtrack (B) reviews

Brainscan (soundtrack)

I reviewed this movie a while ago and I particularly noted that the soundtrack was excellent. Well, I just got the soundtrack and it kicks! It has some great headbanging tunes like Grease Box by Tad, Welcome to This World by Primus (which the Devil in the movie does a great dance to), Make it Now by Mudhoney, Leave Me Alone by the Butthole Surfers, Triad by Pitchshifter, and Thunder Kiss '65 by White Zombie. It's a great album to relieve all your tensions and frustrations to!

Bride of Chucky (soundtrack)

Films like Bride of Chucky are the B-movies for the 90s, and a lot of bands that bridge the metal-industrial-noise border belong right at home in such movies (at least with respect to the horror genre). After all, isn't metal music the way Satan corrupts the young and steals our souls? Thus the soundtrack for Bride of Chucky is comprised of an extremely appropriate selection of music that sets a great mood for the film: White Zombie's Thunder Kiss '65, Mötorhead's Love for Sale, Monster Magnet's See you in Hell, Bruce Dickinson's Trumpets of Jericho, Slayer's Human Disease and Judas Priest's Blood Stained, all showcasing why these bands a force to be reckoned with in the metal world. An excellent collection of heavy music and an ideal companion to the ECW Extreme Music compilation.

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