Compilation and soundtrack (E) reviews

ECW Extreme Music

Harry Slash and The Slashtones begin and end this compilation with a very industrial sounding Nine Inch Nails meets The Residents version of the ECW Theme (some cool guitar work as well). White Zombie with El Phantasmo and Kilgore with Walk are decent, the latter song reminding me of Prong (it could be argued Pantera and pre-Cleansing Prong sound alike too, but that's for another review). Megadeth, Bruce Dickinson, and Anthrax carry the flag of traditional metal high with the neoclassical sounding Trust, the Scorpions' The Zoo (which brings back memories of Dickinson's time with Iron Maiden), and Phantom Lord respectively. Mötorhead appear to do a surprisingly faithful cover of Metallica's Enter Sandman, until Lemmy starts singing (this is a better version than the one by Metallica)! Speaking of Prong, Grinspoon cover Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck in a manner that somewhat diminishes the original (softer) but is interesting nonetheless. Tres Diablos Heard it On the X, Monster Magnet's Kick Out the Jams, and Muscadine's Big Balls complement the the harder tracks on the album with some light and laid-back tunes. This is a great metal/industrial/noise compilation! Worth getting even you're not a fan of wrestling.

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