Ram Samudrala


My first, but not only, love is science, which I do not distinguish from art and philosophy. I serve as a Professor at the University at Buffalo doing research in the area of computational biology. Specifically, we research protein and proteome folding, structure, function, interaction, design, and evolution at multiple scales. Our ultimate goal is to to understand (and computationally reproduce) how the metagenome within an organism specifies its behaviour and characteristics, in conjunction with its environment.

Music is the second of my first loves along with science, which is created and published under the pseudonym TWISTED HELICES: The biggest (musical) compliment this endeavour has been paid is being called "the bastard child of Ween and the Residents." I created an initial implementation of the combination of my first two loves and publishing some of its output in a rather unique project, Proteomusic. Two of my personal favourite songs are Technology and Love is a Weed.

I love computing. I like to hike, fly, mountain bike, rollerblade, ski, travel, adventure, play games, and argue. Besides my research, thinking about general scientific issues and philosophy are among my passions. I read a lot, particularly comic books, watch way too much TV, as well as movies, shows, and plays, and literally in the heavens when cosmogazing.

I am ordained as a Reverend in the Universal Life Church (even though I'm a staunch atheist) and started the Church of the Almighty Revealed in Biotechnology which explains my religion. I am against the notion of "intellectual property" and the author of the Free Music Philosophy; everything I create is copiable without restrictions.

Finger me to see if I am logged on and view my plan (which is to give more to the world than I take from it). Feel free to email me@ram.org if you have any problems/comments/suggestions. If you're looking to reach me in the real world, then your best bet is to probably start at the bottom of CompBio.

This is one of the very first sites on the Web, with origins dating back to March 1993 (when a browser named Mosaic was still in its alpha stages and the entire Web consisted of a listing of sites at NCSA). It is arguably one of the very first blogs, one of the very first "social network" profiles, and so on (I removed the Facebook "like" button from this page due to its slow operation). The only thing I didn't go for was community management of content like Wikipedia or allow direct comments (in that regard, this page has a very traditional editorial system for a good reason but I believe a technological solution independent of the author/publisher is an answer). This site is best viewed with any browser, and will never contain any advertisements (only shameless self promotion). Check out yet another list of my awards, citations and other notable occurrences.

Ram Samudrala || me@ram.org