Contributions by other people


A Paradoxical Multiplicity of Nothing
Carpe Diem! By Jonathan Dill.
One Step Beyond
This is a fictitious short story set in 2084, about what could happen when gene manipulation technology becomes an instititution, by Erika Karagouni.


Fun with Nike
Nike doesn't seem to have a sense of humour.
Monsieur, j'ai perdu mon chemin
The title is Sir, I've lost my my path. It's a short dialog that to me somehow shows the beautiful nature of children and the ugly nature of most adults.
Power Freaks!
The police watch us, but who watches them?
An essay by Hunter S. Thompson.
A collection of amusing postings from USENET.


Autobiography in Five Chapters
This is an awesome poem by Portia Nelson. Who hasn't walked down such a street?
One of my favourite poems by Sylvia Plath.
Guardian Angel
An excellent poem by Rolf Jacobson. (Contrast my reverie.)
Not the greatest song, but resonated with my trip to South East Asia.
One Night in Bangkok
was composed and written by Benny Anderson, Tim Rice, Bjsrn Ulvaeus, performed by Murray Head, and is from the musical Chess. If you've ever been to Bangkok and are familiar with the Chess game, this is a pretty neat tune in terms of its double entendres.
The Charge of the Light Brigade
A compelling and emotive poem by Alfred Tennyson. Gives me the goose bumps whenever I read it.
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
This is my favourite poem ever. Writen by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
The Road Not Taken
Yet another of my favourites by Robert Frost.
War Pigs
Black Sabbath's song epitomises the true nature of war more so than a movie like Saving Private Ryan does. (Also includes the lyrics to the version from The Ozzman Cometh.)


A parody of the TIME cover on Cyberporn by Dave Furstenau.
Jean Folding
A parody of my sand dune image and my research by Heather Emme.

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