Snippets from MAD

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The Clintstones

There's a satire of the movie The Flintstones in MAD #331; this is from the cover:

Clintstones! Meet the Clintstones! They're America's first fam-i-ly!
From the town of Lil' Rock, and the one in charge is Hil-a-ry!
Hoping they'll be back in '96! Praying Bill won't pick up any chicks!
When you're with the Clintstones, it's a Yubba-Bubba tax time,
A drop-your-slacks time, looks like a one-term time!

What happens when today's controversial issues invade the comics? I'll try to show what MAD's version of the comics are:

Hagar the Horrible

"I slaughtered an entire village!" "I prefer to call it ethnic cleansing!"

"I tortured to death 500 captives!" "No, you employed assertive pacification!"

"I raped all their women!" "No, you displayed dominant fraternization!"

"We may not be loved, but at least we're politically correct."


Dennis the Menace: The cartoon is Mr. Wilson being arrested by the cops and Dennis saying: "I called the cops and said the magic words---child molester."

The Far Side parody has a cartoon captioned "L.A. Wolf Police" showing three wolves beating a black sheep.

The MAD Fold-In asks the question: "What is fast replacing candy as the valentine gift more and more women desire?" The fold-in answer is "Her own hand gun."

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