Do-it-Yourself personal ad

This Do-it-Yourself personal ad is done in the spirit of many MAD magazine DiYs (check out the original table-based version). This one is unique in that it interfaces to a web-based personals bulletin board so you can edit and submit the ad you create, use it for real in other personals services, pseudo-analyse other peoples' ads and, who knows, perhaps it'll result in you finding your soulmate! (This service has unfortunately been discontinued due to abuse but you can still play with the choices below.)

Feel free to submit suggestions for other types of unique people or eclectic traits you desire.

There is huge glut of people seeking other people through personal ads everywhere. Reasons for seeking people through a personal indicate a disposition to experiment, being open to new vistas, and a desire to take the road less travelled. On the other hand, it could also indicate you possess a psychopathic/anti-social/pathetic-loser trait. We've designed this to make your job in composing a personal ad so you can land the lover (read: loser) of your dreams! Heck, you might even win of those "best personals of the week" awards through one of these combinations!

To find true love, just select an option from each of the following menus and submit when you're done.

seeks for and Must enjoy and be tolerant of a plus. need not apply.

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