The Medallion

The Medallion involves its namesake separated into two parts that can be joined together by a special child, or a psychopath seeking eternal life. Guess who would be the better candidate?

It is once again Jackie Chan's job, as a Hong Kong police officer named Eddie Yang, to ensure that the medallion doesn't end up being used by the wrong person. He does so in his own charismatic and inimitable style with a lot of cool stunts (even though he now relies on CGI and wires to do some of them). The villain in the film, Snakehead (Julian Sands) does a good job as well.

Compared to recent solo Jackie Chan Hollywood movies such as The Tuxedo, this is a better attempt. It doesn't compare to the movies where he shares the spotlight with other actors, such as Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Knights and Rush Hour, but that's mostly Hollywood's responsibility I think (compare the recent The Accidental Spy from Hong Kong where Chan shows that he can still make a great film by himself). One of the things I dislike about the Hollywood endings for Chan movies is that the cutting floor scenes don't include failed (sometimes painfully so) action sequences but rather just bloopers which every actor is capable of making.

The scene where Christy Chung's character shows her closet full of weaponry was very intriguing to say the least and I wish that aspect had been explored more. The Medallion is a good film to check out if you're a Chan fan.

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