The Accidental Spy (Dak miu mai shing)

I saw Jackie Chan's latest release, The Accidental Spy, in Thailand. In a way it is very formulaic, mixing some of the best elements of Chan films. At the same time, it is also comfortingly entertaining. Considering that this was the first movie I was seeing after a gap of about fifty days (I usually see one or two a week), it was just what I needed.

Bei (Chan) is a salesman in a fitness equipment store who gets embroiled in a web of intrigue when he foils a bank robbery. After seeing him in a televised interview, he is recruited by his alleged father to play a game which involves getting hold of a deadly toxin. Needless to say, Bei isn't the only one after this substance and he has to fight the Turks (who were once poisoned with this toxin, making way for the film setting in Istanbul) and a crime lord who wants to sell it to the highest bidder.

Most Chan films have a plot that's beyond any logic and The Accidental Spy is no exception. The series of events is just a vehicle for Chan's antics and the film, also directed by Chan, provides plenty of laughs as well as some great action scenes. There are some amazing stunts, including the final one where he swings down from a very tall bridge escaping a truck that will blow up if it slows down (à la Speed). There's a particularly hilarious scene involving Chan battling his attackers in the nude while trying to protect his modesty.

The Accidental Spy continues to show that Jackie Chan hasn't lost his comedic touch and also showcases his directing abilities. I highly recommend checking it out when it hits theatres worldwide.

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