Jimmy Hollywood

Last weekend, I went to see Jimmy Hollywood starring Joe Pesci as Jimmy and Christian Slater as William. It was quite funny, though I'd wait for it to come on video. Jimmy Alto is this aspiring actor who befriends William who has lost his memory. Following the loss of his car radio, Jimmy decides to "act" a vigilante (he calls it his greatest role ever) in order to "rescue" Hollywood from what it has degenerated to.

As one critic put it, "this is a satire whose aim is so unsure that its principal casuality is itself." That may well be true, but it does bring out one good point: throughout the entire movie, Jimmy Hollywood is pursued relentlessly by the cops even though he is doing good for the entire community. As he points out, instead of pursuing drug dealers and thieves out on the streets, they choose to persecute someone who is actually doing good. This reflects my mentality towards cops in general who intimidate the average citizen for whatever cheap thrills they can get instead of being fair about it. Regardless of what the law is, cops behave as though you are guilty until proven innocent (even though it is never explicitly stated, they surely imply it). I say this also because of a recent experience a friend of mine had.

It's also interesting to note that Christian Slater's roles have been deteriorating in each movie he acts. By far, his best roles have been in Heathers and Kuffs. But besides that, his roles have been rather mediocre. I think he's one of the best actors around and it's suprising that he is not more prominent. In any case, he does surprisingly well in the role of an half-witted person in this movie.

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