Dream for an Insomniac

Dream for an Insomniac is a hopelessly mushy film depicting an idealised romantic situation which is extremely unlikely to happen in the real world.

Frankie (Ione Skye), a saturnine (pseudo) intellectual of sorts, who works in a coffee shop owned by her uncle, has trouble sleeping. Enter David (MacKenzie Astin), a good-looking Sinatra-eyed writer, who makes a deal with Frankie: he will cure her insomnia if she will help him with his writer's block. As you can guess, they fall for each other. All's well, except for the small fact that David has a live-in girlfriend he has been with for the last few years.

In a normal world, especially given the bias towards (or against, depending on how you look at it) the female sex, Frankie would cut her losses and walk away from this situation. In the film, she obsesses about David in a manner that would nicely complement the Louis character played by Christian Slayer in Bed of Roses. Can David realise the life he's leading is one of stagnation (in the name of security) and does he have the courage to follow his heart? The answer is a given.

For all my cynicism, I personally believe what Frankie does and says is right, and her words are not just limited to a romantic situation. Yet my view is that actions of the sort depicted in the film, motivated by infatuation (and possibly love---whatever that means), are frowned upon by society. I think expecting relationships of the sort we see in Dream for an Insomniac is being unrealistic since I'd argue a majority of the population have baggage that makes it difficult for them to trust, accept, and give in so quickly.

Dream for an Insomniac is fast-paced, and the acting is decent. The chemistry between Skye and Austin is believable. There are some interesting, but non-novel, cinematic techniques used in the film, including one where the movie, which begins in black and white, changes to colour when David enters into Frankie's life. However, the cuts and pans could've been done better. A decent date movie.

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