Bed of Roses

Bed of Roses is yet another Hollywood romance, with few ups and downs. The plot is laid out right from the beginning and it's no more exciting than watching a carpet unroll. Yet, the arrangement of the sequence of events holds some interest, and it does provoke some of the fuzzy emotions in you.

Louis (Christian Slater) is a florist/delivery boy who likes to take walks in the middle of the night and look up at people's windows. One night he sees Lisa (Mary Stuart Masterson) crying and decides to send her flowers. And so a budding romance develops. Louis' infatuation with Lisa borders on obsession and this ends up scaring her away, at least initially. To make the movie more nineties, Lisa is an adopted child whose adoptive father was an alcoholic. Having gone through a difficult childhood, she finds trusting people difficult.

It is good to see Slater back on the main screen. The chemistry between him and Masterson is believable, though Masterson hardly seems the corporate-type in this context.

The problem I have with romance stories is somewhat echoed as a sentiment by Lisa in the movie. They almost always are "perfect" and they almost always have happy endings. The relationships seem magical, and the view that love is the primary thing that matters in life is espoused. However, we know that reality is a bit different, right?

A good one for Valentine's day.

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