Dazed and Confused

This is the state that you are left in as the movie ends. This is about a bunch of high school seniors and their lifestyle during mid-70s. If you were part of that generation, it might be worth seeing this for nostalgia's sake. If you aren't, then you can see this to laugh at how stupid that generation was---and guess what? It's not a lot different from the present one. The movie is very shallow and does little besides portraying high school in the 70s as a dope- and alcohol-abusing generation. Oh, it also shows how, as a senior, you can pick on the new freshmen. The one saving grace of this movie is that it has some good classic rock with Kiss, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple.


Rethinking about this movie with a friend I think I was just bored by the movie because I felt it simply reflected teenage life, which is a turbulent time and it's really unclear what the brain is trying to do.

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