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This is my favourite Kiss album and I finally got it on CD. Do you know that you can hear little children screaming "I don't want to go that place" in God of Thunder? Anyways, this includes other classics such as Beth, Detroit Rock City, Shout it out Loud, etc. "I'm the lord of the wastelands. A modern-day man of steel. I gather darkness to please me and I command you to kneel before the God of thunder and rock and roll. The spell you're under will slowly rob you of your virgin soul." ---Kiss, God of Thunder

Double Platinum

I suppose record companies really try to milk a band's success to the hilt. And if you're wondering why I bought this, it's because I got it in a record club. Still, if you don't have any KISS and want to buy something by them, then this is a good album to choose. It includes classics like Strutter '78, Love Gun, God of Thunder, Detroit Rock City, She, Cold Gin, and Black Diamond. Actually every song in it is good!

Kiss My Ass (tribute)

Did you ever think Garth Brooks was influenced by Kiss? Well, here he is covering Hard Luck Woman. This is a rather mediocre tribute to a great band. Still, Dinosaur Jr., the Bosstones, and Anthrax manage to pull off decent performances with Goin' Blind, Detroit Rock City, and She, respectively. The covers are reasonably faithful to the original.

MTV Unplugged

This album features four songs where the original line up of the band comes together and is probably the catalyst for their eventual reunion with full make-up. As such, it's a part of rock history. The recordings on the album are pretty decent, and have some novel takes of old staples such as Comin' Home, and Do You Love Me? The acoustic guitar in A World Without Heroes is pretty cool. Worth getting if you're a KISS fan.

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