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This is one of my favourite Jethro Tull albums, and in fact it was the first CD I ever bought, and immediately proceeded to play Locomotive Breath at full volume, much to the annoyance of my suitmates. My enthusiasm for this album has still not eroded, and it remains one of the few albums that has received constant airplay over the years. The reasons for this are simple: at a time when bands like Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, Pink Floyd, and Deep Purple were forging their sound with what I'd consider conventional instruments, Jethro Tull were doing the same thing, with the maniacal flute playing of frontman Ian Anderson. Every song in this album is merged with brilliant flute playing and amazing electric and acoustic guitar work. Even though today they are not considered among the proto-metal bands, I've always thought that Tull were as heavy as, if not heavier, than some of their contemporaries. This is an album that is a must-belong in every Rock lover's collection!

"He hears the silence howling,
 catches angels as they fall.
 And the all-time winner
 has got him by the balls.
 He picks up Gideons Bible,
 open at page one.
 Old Charlie stole the handle and
 the train won't stop going,
 no way to slow down."
                  ---Jethro Tull,
               Locomotive Breath

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