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Beg to Differ

The first Prong album on a major label (third overall), it is one of the more enduring pieces of thrash metal in my collection. The riffs are very crunchy and the drumming is brilliant. The songs are all closely knit with intelligent lyrics (in fact, I'd say they're one of the more intelligent thrash groups around) and they get their message across without a lot of posturing.

"You make the right moves, I beg to differ.
 Rather be a fool and see things clearer.
 You found a quick way to fill your pocket.
 That's the way in a world that's lost it.
 To fall in line; it's meaningless, mindlessness.
 I beg to differ!"
                          ---Prong, Beg to Differ

Prove You Wrong

This isn't the best Prong has put out. Attempt at commercial grunge.


I have been into this band for a bit now. This album isn't as good as their first album, Beg to Differ, but a lot better than their last effort, Prove you Wrong. The material is hardcore/grunge/thrash metal. It goes back to their original roots, though.

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