Below is a list of equipment I use to create music under the pseudonym TWISTED HELICES. Retired/obsolete equipment is given as a separate list at the end. I've included this information because for posterity's sake, and also so you can see the evolution of my home recording setup.

A lot of this applies to what I was doing when I was a true DiYer I suppose: recording with 4 tracks, bouncing, reducing noise, and all that. I now record with (hopefully better!) Pro gear which is a different situation altogether. Nonetheless I feel this rite of passage (which I encourage in my scientific research also) is useful, and perhaps even essential, to learn to make music/art that is of high equality, not just in terms of composition and basic sound recording, but also production and engineering principles. By this I don't mean that hi-fi production is the best way. I'm a big believer in noise in a Cageish sense (check out some of my music and views in my Proteomusic project if you'd like). I just mean that music should be a form of true self expression and not done to please others. This is a hard problem I admit, and does not meant that I don't extremely value music as entertainment, but that is not my goal in creation.

The above couple of images of my "studio" as it looks from the computer I work from, and also today was a beautiful view of snow covered Olympics. More pictures that indicates the progression of my studio evolution that still has a component downstairs filled with exotic instruments I like to sample has now gradually moved upstairs which has been fantastic as can be courtesy of Google. (Yes, my living room is now my office and studio, and why not? My kids will leave eventually anyway!)

Recording and mixing devices

Guitars, keyboards, drum machines, microphones, and other (sometimes exotic) instruments

Effects processors



  • ?? VCR. 2007-.
  • Mitsubishi VCR. 1990-2000. -->


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