Traversing a Twisted Path review

by David B. Woycechowsky.

Since, I moved to Cincinnati, a lot of my posessions have been missing and presumed gone. However, your CD turned out last week, so I got a chance to listen to it for the first time in months. I really like it - it makes progressive rock come alive for me, and that is no small feat as I am fairly adverse to prog-rock in general. Some of the things I liked more specifically:

1. Lyrics to "Things In My Room". On some of the songs, I thought the lyrics were kind of high-falutin'. Not so on "Things In My Room". On a related note, a suggested read is "The Mezzanine" by Nicholson Baker. It is a novel permeated by insightful preoccupation regarding everyday objects.

2. "Fur Elise". What can I say? I'm a rock'n'roller, I like guitar, especially noisy and driving guitar. Nice job rockin' up a classic (which we all remember from our Armitron brand digital wristwatches circa 1981).

3. "Lynn & Reeno". This one rocked, plus it had very believable and touching words. I was reminded of one of my favorite bands, to wit The Fall. Probably the 1-2 rocksteady beat. Write more songs like this!

4. "Cobain in a 7/11". When I listened to the record a couple times a few months back, this was one of my least favorites. Now its my most favorite. The music blends prog-rock and "rawk"-rock so nicely, but then the lyrics synergistically bolster the music to really set this one above.

I was glad that you had the lyrics to all the songs printed up so nicely, because, as I'm sure you realize, the words are aurally indecipherable to a great extent. Listening to the CD reminded me of being at a Latin Mass - every few lines you can make out a phrase and tell where you're supposed to be in the Missal.

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