Twisted Demo (v6.0) review

by Simon Speichert.

What can I say about the Twisted Demo by Twisted Helices. Simply put, the entire tape rocks. A bit long for a demo tape, the tape features 15 songs ranging from the heavily synthisized Tick In My Head 1, to a guitar version of Beethoven's Fur Elise.

Ram's music relies on a synth, though, as he uses it for all his rhythm parts; his bass, piano-synth, and drums. Recorded on a 4 track with 2 tracks taken up by the synth parts alone, the other 2 tracks filled up with Ram's twisted voice and guitar, this tape is a fantastic example of what one man can do with just 2 instruments and his own voice. The musical styles range from the funk beat of Emanon to the Primus-inspired Hate Session 1 and 2.

As far as lyrics go, the best of the lot are Kill 'em All (and let God sort them out), a revenge-type song, not related to the Metallica one, Lynno and Reeno, a good "sort-of-love song", wherein Ram expresses his love for two of his friends, who he is attracted to at the same time, and Don't You Believe In Me, which Ram himself describes as "The Whiny, Self-centred Love Song of the 90's", which it is, featuring Ram's computer-distorted voice.

In short, this tape rocks. You can pick one up by either e-mailing Ram Samudrala at either or

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