Twisted Demo (v1.0) review

by Margaret Mericle.

I *really* like the first two songs... I mean, I like your piggyback vocals and the chordal progression... and the groovy beat (how do you do the bass? is it a bass guitar or synthesized?) anyway, on that first song (the one i was talking about) it's just great... love the little solo pieces you play...the variation in the synthesizer rhythms.. that's really nice and keeps it interesting.. you've got a good feel for rhythm, that's for sure.

The second song I loved, too. It has a GREAT feeling of space... I don't know how you did this.. but it sounds great... like surround sound (which I don't have) ...very nice! And the vocals have that kind of eerie far-off sound... it's cool. The little synth piece you throw in there to play off the bass (usually when you're not singing) is cool...

The third song has that great little intro... and when you're singing i love it... but the only thing i would change is that one synthesizer piece that you keep repeating over and over again.. it seems a little loud for being something that is repeated over and over... maybe just bury it a little deeper, it takes over the song. (I was straining to hear the other stuff in the background while it was playing). So, the only thing would be to turn down that EFGFEFE thing a tad... the other stuff in the background has a real funky feel. (oh, and I really like the outro, too....that's cool)

I really like the 4th song, too. Maybe the vocals are a little overpowering, this sounds like the kind of song that's got a really tight groove going, and the harshness of your vocal harmonics at the beginning seems, well, a little harsh... they sound just fine in the middle part, however, when you change the tempo, which is great. It makes getting back into the groove feel even better... you know, as i listen to this, i think maybe if you just took off the background vocal, that might do the trick. Again, I really, really, like your tempo changes in this piece. And above all else, i like that little guitar thing you do at the beginning and the end...sounds just like a bagpipe!!

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