Twisted Demo (v1.0) review

by Brian Meloon.

First off, let me just say that this is not metal. It's not even close to metal... It's weird poppy-stuff, sort of like Ween, I'm told. Not bad, but not exactly my favorite type of music. At least it's weird, and so it's better than almost all pop music that you will hear on MTV or the radio. Anyway, this was completely self-recorded, and self-packaged (by one guy, no less). The packaging is a little skimpy, but lyrics are included, and it's not too bad. The production is quite clear, sounding much better than the results of some "professional" studios. The drums (even though they're from a keyboard) sound reasonably good... as does the (synth) bass and guitars. The guitar tone is rarely distorted, so that makes it a little easier to get a good tone. Vocals are sometimes processed (distorted), sometimes clear, and sometimes both at once... adding a nice touch to the songs. The songs themselves are fairly straightforward in form, but really catchy. In fact, if they weren't so weird, they'd be laughably cheesy... but somehow, it works. Some of the lyrics are good, and some are pretty bad ("so I got myself a computer..."). The timing in some of the riffs is off occasionally (sometimes far off), but this is intentional, I'm told. Still, it bothers me... But for pop, this is decent. It should be noted that I have version 1.0 (with only four songs... I don't know what version this is up to now, but there are probably at least twice as many songs.

Overall: 7.0
Favorite Track: Noises

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