Twisted Demo (v1.1) review in Adrenaline 3 AM

Still feeling warped? Try plugging into this next and you'll be begging to be brought back down to reality -- if you remember what it was. Twisted Helices is the product of Ram Samudrala's bizarre notion of songwriting and inexplainable passion for protein structures (borrowing his logo from Threonine-Wtryptophan-Isoleucine-Serine- T-gluEtamicacid-asparDicacid --- Histidine-E-Leucine-I-Cysteine-E- S... huh?). This is the sound of Primus' Les Claypool dogging his bass, picking up a Casio, and getting down with the Residents. Perhaps this is one of Michael Stipe's nightmares, which would explain his pleading Don't Go Back to Rockville, where Twisted Helices is based.

Experimental electro-pop with ultimately processed vocals, it's as if the proteins and acids have jumped on the science lab desk and begun laughing at the lives we lead. When trying to stick them under a microscope, they zap us and put us under the glass. That's about how easy it is to describe the insanity of Twisted Helices indescribably approach to sound. The proteins need some lessons in poetics, however (They really like to make fun of me/Getting much pleasure from imitating me/Talking about tortoises in aquariums/And arguing that my rhymes aren't premium). Or, maybe they are still poking fun at the very pretense of poetics in the first place. Hooray!

Ram plays tribute to Ween with Tick Inside My Head and borrows from New Order with the intro and closure for Don't You Believe Me?

Still feeling wacky? Won't you ever want to come down?

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