Twisted Demo (v1.1) review in TRIPhukt

In the information pack that accompanied my copy of the tape, Ram Samudrala, the mastermind behind Twisted Helicies, quotes the influence of Ween in his musical project. At certain points on this tape, Samudrala indeed sounds like Dean & Gene Ween, but he manages to develop his own sound, complete with distorted guitars, keyboards, and heavily processed vocals.

The songs are very fun to listen to, my favorite being "Noises", which contains lines such as, "Walked down the supermarket aisle/Tabloids screaming: `Cobain seen in a shopping mall.'" The opening instrumentals of "Tick in My Head 1", are actually the guitar for parts 2-3 reversed, sounds reminiscent of Strawberry Fields-ear Beatles, but the repitition soon wears on one's nerves.

Other than that one drawback, however, Samudrala has managed to create a truly original sound that is generally enjoyable.

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