Traversing a Twisted Path review in Internet Herald, September 1996

Review by Simon Hart

Rating: three beers

How do you spell weird? Wrong! Now it's spelled 'Twisted Helices!' The band that sounds like a crazier version of the already screwed band Porno for Pyros.

Imagine, Porno's singer Perry Ferrell, with what sounds like an Indian accent singing over keyboard induced noise. Although strange, the music isn't as bad as it seems. Remember Beck, if someone was told that he played Bluegrass, Jazz, Country, Rap, Alternative, and what is refereed to as 'drug induced' music, people would think he sucked. But in reality, Beck and to some extent, Twisted Helices, make it work.

'I, the State, am the People', is a good indication of the music on Tranversing a Twisted Path, with somewhat of a nightmare theme and singer Ram mumbling what are poetic lyrics. Can they turn up the vocals? It would make it easier to appreciate the obvious work that went into producing this CD.

'Lynno and Reeno' is a love song for the 90's. The song which was written as a Valentine present for Lynn and 'reen (the co.-lyricist), is full of witty phrases and quirky outlooks on being in love. Ram writes of 'reen, "I'm sure such a comment will turn her prude meters on.' Ram also says the girls have 'mediocre minds', but counters with 'but I still love them, can't you see?'

The songs are good, but the vocals sound like they were recorded over the phoen from a location thoursands of miles away. Maybe that's the charm. Maybe not. If you don't mind low-fi vocals, and you think Porno For Pyros have gone too mainstream, you might find interest in this album. Though you might not. How drunk you are, might be the deciding factor.

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