Radio stations airing twisted music

This is a list of radio stations that are playing/have played/hopefully will play music by the TWISTED HELICES. Feel free to call (or check out the web site and e-mail) and request some TH stuff. At present this list is very sparse since I've not made a real attempt at sending my stuff to radio stations.

Station  City/State         Frequency  Phone

WHRW     Binghamton, NY      90.5 FM
WMUC     College Park, MD    88.1 FM  (301) 314-8800
WOUI     Chicago, IL         88.9 FM  
WAIF     Cincinatti, OH      88.3 FM
KSPC     Claremont, CA       88.7 FM
WJMU     Decatur, IL         89.5 FM
WUSM     Hattiesburg, MS
WKVR     Huntington, PA      
WVBR     Ithaca, NY          93.5 FM
WVIC     Ithaca, NY
WUPX     Marquette, MI       91.5 FM
WMPG     Portland, ME        90.9 FM
KRCB     Rohnert Park, CA    91.1 FM
KZSU     Stanford, CA        90.1 FM  (650) 723-9010 
WUMS     University, MS      92.1 FM
WGMU     Washington, DC      97.3 FM  (703) 993 2936
WHFS     Washington, DC      99.1 FM  (800) 321-WHFS
WWDC     Washington, DC     101.1 FM  (800) 33D-C101

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