EFX Alive!

Rick Springfield has more than his 15 minutes of fame in this special effects, where I saw the next-to-last show of EFX Alive!.

The set is huge, and features a large cast including several dancers who are all great performers. There are some cool and monstrous effects. Springfield is showcased as the "EFX master" controlling the effects to visit several fantasy lands in different segments that includes a Merlin segment where he helps a young King Arthur obtain his Sword in the Stone, a futuristic P.T. Barnum segment featuring the intergalactic circus of wonders (and some cool acrobatics on a sphere), a Harry Houdini segment where we see some "magic", and a H.G. Wells segment featuring the Time Machine and the Morlocks. The show also features a funny stagehand, Sal Salangsang, who has a nice smile and keeps the crowd entertained.

The music is okay, featuring song's by Springfield including Jessie's Girl (I would've liked to see him to You Better Love Somebody). Springfield spent a lot of time with a young female fan who was thrilled beyond belief. I personally found this condescending but I was happy for the fan and for him. (From reading other reviews of the show, it turns that this fan, "Keri, like the lotion", might be a plant, in which case I'd say this is all overly narcissist.)

EFX Alive! is not of the same calibre as most of the other shows in Las Vegas, particularly the Cirque Du Soleil ones like Mystere or even the Blue Man Group. It does however depict a fantasy story with some decent rock music and great special effects that's interesting enough to keep you entertained (in case you don't get tickets to any of the other shows).

Play ram-blings || Ram Samudrala || me@ram.org || December 29, 2002