Law and order

I find the whole law/justice process very dumb and stupid. I'm sure you all know about the DC cops who are corrupt and are tarnishing the name of the department. But do you know a lot more corrupt officers are still on the force? Do you know why? Because complaints weren't filed against them within 45 days and there's some law that states complaints against employees should be filed within 45 days. Now, some of these people have pleaded guilty. Yet, they're out on a technicality (the judges say "a law is a law", the prosecutors lament that they have no case (but if they were the defense they would argue the same inane point), and the corrupt cops don't think of the word "resign" (I just hope no one stalks me after reading this)). Not only that, we're paying them $27,000 a year so they can set a fine example to other cops in the force.

This is the problem with our system---it is too rigid and people in it do not understand that rules are made to be broken. The Internet was designed with the primary thought that computers are not infallible and this has proven to the best choice one could have made regarding the net. And these are computers we're assuming will be unreliable. Shouldn't this sort of an idealogy apply to humans also? I think humans are more likely to commit mistakes than a computer even doing extremely basic mental operations. Yet our laws leave no room for error. Our laws are so designed that almost any error you make, it is held against you forever.

Yet crime pays. I believe in this country only a fourth of all criminals are convicted. But all I can do is bitch and complain. I think I lead a life beyond the laws and I encourage you to do the same. Speak up. State your case. There's nothing to fear except fear itself. After all, the worst thing that could happen to you is that you could die.

Though it is very easy to put down cops (who likes them?), it should be noted that they're our unsung heroes. They do a dirty job and a lot of them risk their lives in return for some power abuse. I am not blaming the cops themselves, but the system. We shouldn't need cops---each of us should be able to take care of our own.

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