How much injustice has been done in the name of good?

When I find some time, I will try to actually write something about what I consider to be injustice, and how best to avoid comitting it (you might be interested in reading my views on the legal system in general and movie reviews of films like In the Name of the Father and The Hurricane). Keep in mind that any injustice listed below is usually from a subjective viewpoint and my primary objective is to encourage people to make up their own minds, instead of letting the courts or the law decide for them (i.e. this is an exposure site). Please send any links you might want added to me-no injustice is too small. Click on the asterisk for related links.

Injustices that have happened

Anthony Graves * *
Anthony Graves is allegedly on death row allegedly convicted without any forensic evidence against him.
Debra Milke *
Debra Milke was convicted and is on the death row for the murder of Christopher Milke, her son. A large number of volunteers have gathered together and have found web of inconsistencies, myths, fabrications on the part of police officers, and half-truths surrounding the murder of Christopher and his mother's conviction thereof.
Ed Cummings/Bernie S *
A convicted hacker, in prison for nothing more than possession of electronic parts easily obtainable at any Radio Shack, has been savagely beaten after being transferred to a maximum security prison as punishment for speaking out publicly about prison conditions. (He has now been released.)
Howard Bradley *
According to his friend Jim March, everything he owns has been stolen by his ex-SO with the eager aid of a crooked cop in Portland, Oregon. Together, they fabricated a false claim of domestic violence for financial gain, then once "out of the way" they declared him dead and went after his property. When he was so crass as to complain about this, they filed false criminal charges against him, which are still pending.
John "Coyote" Osborne *
had a really bad time moving with U-Haul. When they refused to deal fairly and offer recompense, Coyote took his complaints to the 'net. U-Haul has filed a lawsuit against Coyote, demanding he take down his website, and they are claiming many thousands of dollars worth of "damages" resulting from the website's publication. A clear case of abuse of corporate legal power to silence criticism (sometimes known as a SLAPP: Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation).
Judy Komaromi *
On November 23, 1993 Judy Komaromi was arrested on charges of evading arrest and reckless driving while driving through Inyo County, California in her 1990 Corvette ZR-1. On June 1, 1995, Judy was convicted of V.C. 2800.2, Felony Evading Arrest, by a jury trial in Inyo County Superior Court. This is the true story of the Constitutional violations and abuses of power perpetrated by the District Attorney and the California Highway Patrol Officer involved in this case that ultimately led to this wrongful conviction.
Mumia Abu-Jamal * *
Mumia is a well-known journalist and activist on death row for a crime I believe he is not guilty of. What I think has happened is a striking attempt by the government to censor thoughts through the use of force (not isolated to this one case, I must add). It is one of the most unjust abuses of justice that I've ever come across.
Nannette Denouden
has been railroaded by the University of Washington for deciding to stand up against their policies. This case illustrates problems with current intellectual property practicies, and the role of universities and academia in education.
Negativland *
An association of five major music publishers intimidate the CD press of an alternative music label, treating collage of sound samples as copyright infringement.
Paradise Lost * *
Three local teenagers were accused of sacrificing three little boys as part of a Satanic ritual. Public opinion condemned the teens long before their trials began. Although their trials produced virtually no physical evidence connecting the defendants to the crime, the town, the jury, and the police felt they had their killers--one now awaits execution by lethal injection and two will spend the rest of their lives in jail.
Petr Taborsky *
The University of South Florida and Florida Progress Corporation spent more than $300,000 to jail Taborsky for "stealing his own ideas". I don't believe in the concept of intellectual property, and I think what has happened here illustrates how IP laws can be used to commit injustice.
Ralph Adkins *
was allegedly harassed by the Washington County Virginia Justice System.

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