Snow Lake

Snow Lake was my first hike to since I moved to Seattle a few months ago. It was done on impulse and therefore there are no pictures to help describe the beautiful views, but I plan to return soon.

The hike is about seven miles/eleven kilometres (round trip) with a high point at 4400 feet/1333 metres and elevation gain of 1800 feet/545 metres. The destination is the largest lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness region, more than a mile long.

The trail starts off fairly flat, but soon goes into a steep uphill climb until the parkland saddle above Snow Lake at 3 miles/5 kilometres. We decided to not go down to the lake since the trail was entirely snow covered. Instead, we sat on a rock overlooking the lake which gave us some amazing views and discussed the meaning of life and all that.

Pseudointellectual ramblings || Ram Samudrala || || July 1, 2001