Whipped is an interesting look at the nature of modern relationships with the moral that what you sow is what you reap.

It's hard to imagine living lifestyles like the ones depicted in Whipped in these STD-prevalent days: Brad (Brian Van Holt), Zeke (Zorie Barber), and Jonathan (Jonathan Abrahams) are three young males whose main goal in life appears to be "scamming" the attractive sex. Until the day they each meet the one special girl of their dreams and want to marry her. The problem is that the three boys are all after the same girl, Mia (Amanda Peet). The movie then explores the nature of this foursome with some amusing incidents, but things eventually come to a head (no pun intended).

To be sure, the film's ending is a moralistic one, i.e., what goes around comes around. In my view, however, the film only illustrates the problem of non-monogamous relationships. Mia in the movie chooses to teach the three studs a lesson because she feels they were treating the female sex in an unfair manner. Yet she herself belongs in a club where they keep score over how many males they've managed to bed. Surely she has some bad karma coming to her too?

Whipped mixes this message about relationships with a sense of humour that is mostly hit and miss, but when it works (like the dildo/toilet scene) it is funny. I recommend checking it out on video if you have few other options left.

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