Walk in the Clouds

If you've a sweet tooth, you might really like this movie, and even ignore some of its triteness. Keanu Reeves plays the part of the handsome and charismatic soldier, Paul Sutton, returning from the war to meet his wife, whom he had known only for a day before he was sent away. When he arrives, in a truly touching scene, he finds there is no one to welcome him home. The explanation his wife gives is that she failed to open his letters (which he wrote every day, the faithful fellow) since she couldn't bear to hear about the war.

Confused, Sutton decides that he has had enough of being a chocolate salesman, and decides to seek out new frontiers. He meets Victoria Aragon (played by Aitana Sanchez-Gijon, making her debut in a English language film) who is pregant and worried about her father's response. The gentleman that he is, Sutton decides that he would pose as her husband for a day. The day then becomes two, and then three, and you get the idea.

Anthony Quinn plays the old grandfather (my favourite character) who tries to kindle the romance between Sutton and Victoria Aragon, while her father tries his best to show his displeasure at her choice. Reeves' grin is infectious and the chemistry between the couple is effervescent.

All in all, it's quite decent. The problem I have with movies like this is that it purports to present a picture of a goal that will lead to happiness.

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