In this futuristic thriller, the plot of which seems familiar, Denzel Washington plays an ex-cop present-convict Parker Barnes who is asked to a test a virtual reality system that will allow police officers to train in virtuo. However, one of the criminals in the system, SID 6.7 (played by Australian actor Russell Crowe) manages to acquire some form of intelligence. SID 6.7 is actually an amalgamation of the various serial killers and mass murderers like Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, et al., including the one that murdered Barnes' wife and and child. Through the aid of his creator, a mad scientist character, he manages to enter into the real world and proceeds to go on a killing spree, all live on TV. Barnes is then offered a deal to get SID 6.7 in exchange for his freedom. The movie essentially revolves around this plot.

The old adage that "villains have the best roles" definitely applies in this movie. Crowe is the star of the movie and it is his acting that carries it. The sentimental theme is introduced when SID 6.7 manages to kidnap the daughter of the criminal psychologist who's trying to help Barnes. Having acquired the memories of how Barnes' daughter and wife were killed, SID 6.7 sets up a similar situation involving the daughter.

The special effects were okay. I liked the chorus of the terrified.

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