While Tomcats isn't as universally funny as other gross-out comedies like There's Something About Mary or Austin Powers, there's a sequence in there that tops anything observed in those films.

The story is fairly misogynistic, involving a bunch of boys who've made a bet to see who would stay single the longest. The one who wins gets a prize that has grown to almost half-a-million dollars, thanks to the stock market. Over the years, everyone succumbs to the marriage bug and only Michael (Jerry O'Connell) and Kyle (Jake Busey) are left.

Michael then runs into some gambling problems and has to come with $51,000 really fast. His idea: get Kyle married and pocket the kitty. He recruits Natalie (Shannon Elizabeth), a police officer, to seduce and marry Kyle, but things become complicated when Michael himself falls for her.

As I said, there's one sequence involving a runaway testicle that makes Tomcats worth watching. The audience I saw it with were mostly rolling in laughter (and the reset were generally outraged so it was funny to see them too). Most of the film isn't up (or down, depending on your point of view) to this level and the characters as well as the actors portraying them are annoying, with the exception of Shannon Elizabeth. Worth a rental.

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