The In Crowd

"The next thing I knew, I had my hockey stick in my hand..."

These are the words uttered by the protagonist in The In Crowd, Adrien Williams (Lori Heuring), juxtaposed to shots where she confesses her love to her therapist. His subsequent rejection leads to her feeling betrayed and using the aforementioned hockey stick on his car windshield. What I want to know is what she was doing carrying a hockey stick around.

The story is ostensibly about Williams, who has been released on probation from her mental institution, where she was committed after the hockey stick incident. Thanks to her doctor's faith in her, she ends up playing servant to a bunch of rich, spoilt, young brats who probably are more crazy than she is.

In any event, one of the members of the "in crowd", Brittany Foster (Susan Ward) decides to take Williams under her wing, for her own ulterior motives. This leads to a "make or break" situation for Adrien, and at first it seems as though Brittany has the upper hand, until Adrien comes up with a clever scheme of her own to save herself and prove her sanity.

The acting is pretty bad, as is the dialogue. There's a bit of gratuitous nudity and a lesbian undercurrent which may appeal to some viewers looking for cheap thrills. The In Crowd is another one of those laughably bad movies, and the only way you can endure it is to laugh at it. I recommend skipping this one.

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