The Hot Chick

The Hot Chick is a highly predictable film, especially if you're familiar with Rob Schneider's work. However, if you happen to enjoy his past outings (such as Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo), you're probably going to like this one.

Clive (Rob Schneider) is a professional thief who stumbles upon the path of Jessica (Rachel McAdams), a pretty, but conceited, cheerleader. A plot devices ensures that their bodies are switched. Jessica has to then deal with Clive's body and learn why she was mean to everyone else. Clive, blessed with endowments that'd make a Stanford president blush, puts them to good use. Humour ensues.

The cast pull off this "comedy" with enthusiasm and energy, greatly exaggerating the lives of teenagers (if a leaf falls from a tree, a teenager would laugh at it). In particular, the two leads do a good job: Rachel McAdams holds her own when her character switches, although Schneider tries too hard to be like Jessica. Anna Faris as Jessica's friend April is a standout and the Adam Sandler cameos are funny.

The humour in The Hot Chick is mostly physical in nature and it takes a certain kind of mind-set to enjoy it (likewise for the sex and metabolic jokes). The Hot Chick does definitely have good laughs and is a good time-killer if you're into that kind of humour. Worth the matinee fare.

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