Tank Girl

Tank Girl is set way out in the future, where water, a commodity we essentially take for granted today, is a source of power. Water and Power, the corporation that controls the distribution of water, is run by a tyrannical despot, Kesslee, who uses an instrument that sucks water out of people to kill. Tank Girl is Rebecca, a part of a group of people who seek to thwart Water and Power's efforts to gain dominion of all the water in the planet. Mixed into this are the Rippers, a feared group of genetic experiments gone awry, which the Water and Power corporation wants to destroy.

When Water and Power invade Rebecca's abode in the Blue Dunes and kill her boyfriend and takes her young friend Sam and her prisoner, the action starts. With the help of a friend in prison, she manages to escape and joins forces with the Rippers in order to save her friend and destroy the Water and Power monopoly.

The plot is okay, but the cinematography is the most interesting thing about the movie. The movie is mixed with real-life action featuring a punkish Rebecca and comic-book style panels, which I presume is easy on the production budget. All this is done in a colourful neo-punk way, and there is more happiness than angst here. I'd argue this is one of the more innovatively made films I've seen in a while.

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