Sudden Death

Jean-Claude Van Damme. The final game of the Stanley Cup. The Vice President. A ruthless villan. A bomb. What more do you need to make an action flick like Sudden Death?

Jean-Claude plays Darren McCord, an ex-fireman who has lost his confidence during a traumatic rescue experience where he fails to save the life of a little girl. He finds himself working as a fire marshall at the ice rink where the final game is being played, and battling Joshua Foss (Powers Boothe), an ex-Secret Service agent with a large desire for money. Foss has taken the U.S. Vice President (Raymond J. Barry) hostage and demands huge amounts of cash be moved into his bank accounts at the end of each of the three periods of the hockey game. If enough money isn't transferred by the end of each period, Foss will kill the hostages one by one and eventually blow up the entire arena. The fact that Foss has taken McCord's daughter Emily (Whittni Wright) hostage makes McCord jump into the action. We then watch him single handedly kill Foss' men, disarm several bombs, and basically save the day. Sound familiar? No? Maybe Die Hard rings a bell.

This is your typical action flick with an implausible plot, predictable scenes and a somewhat lame ending. It is fairly entertaining definitely worth renting.

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