Stargate is the name of this interplanetary wormhole, so to speak, created by a despot, who the Egyptians apparently referred to as their sun god, Ra. Daniel Jackson (James Spader) is an archaeologist whose speciality is in things Egyptian. His expertise is used by the military to uncover the secret behind an artifact uncovered in Giza. Guess what the artifact turns out to be?

True to form, our hero (the archaeologist) manages to open the gateway to another part of the galaxy and manages himself into an exploration team headed by Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil, who has a death wish (played by Kurt Russell). On arriving at the other end, they discover a civilisation (living as slaves under Ra) who do not communicate using the written word. The reasons for this become self evident as Ra realises his monarchy is threatened and employs various measures to stop O'Neil and his team.

It's a great movie to watch on the big screen---the effects are really cool and sometimes believable. The plot itself is sometimes naive, but there are a few good things one can get out of this movie, one of them being the fact that subjectives will always subvert.

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