The Snapper

The Snapper refers to the baby of a young girl, who gets pregnant during a drunken episode. The girl, who is a daughter in an Irish family, has to bear the responsibility for the baby alone, as the father is not around. The story is empathic and takes you through, although in a somewhat unrealistic way, the family's and society's reaction to an unwed pregnant female. The family is, in general, supportive. Her friends and neighbours aren't that supportive, particularly when they find out who she was made pregant by. It's a funny movie with some good acting, and it was a refreshing chance of pace from the action movies I have been seeing this summer. Colm Meaney, who's Chief O'Brien in Star Trek: The Next Generation, plays one of the lead roles. I highly recommend seeing this one.

"You were drunk! How do you know he was Spanish Sailor? He could've been a Pakistani Postman!" ---Dessie Curley, in The Snapper

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