Showgirls is a waste of time. While the plot is quite decent, the amount of time spent on frivolous scenes distracts one from the main themes. Like in many other entertainment industries which involve a lot of money, the showgirl industry is filled with ego-maniacs and power-mongers. In this environment, Nomi Malone tries to make a living for herself and rise to the top. Starting off as a topless dancer in a seedy nightclub, she eventually graduates to being a star of a show in a big hotel. While the glitter and glamour increases, her base actions remain the same: mainly revealing her breasts to the paying public. The movie showcases Malone's struggle, and her successes and failures against the system. While this would've made for a nice movie on its own, it is ruined by the unnecessary amounts of flesh displayed (which was the reason for the NC-17 rating). Contrary to popular opinions, the nudity is neither pornographic nor erotic---it is simply boring.

The best part of the movie is when she takes revenge for her friend Molly; I recommend this course of action highly to one and all.

Ram Samudrala ||