The Saint

Simon Templar (Val Kilmer) is a man with a thousand faces in the movie The Saint. Templar is a well-paid thief who is now employed by Ivan Tretiak (Rade Serbedzija), an oil magnate who wants to take over Russia. As Templar reaches what he thinks will be the end of his career, $50 million in the bank, he takes on one last job. He is to steal the formula for cold fusion from Dr. Emma Russell (Elisabeth Shue).

Templar captivates Russell by learning who she is and playing on her fantasy world. He becomes her perfect man in order to get close to her and steal the formula. He does just this but finds himself falling in love with her at the same time. She seems to be connected to him and this blows him away. Eventually he chooses her over his job and that is where the true action begins.

The movie is filled with lots of high tech gadgets, ala James Bond, including a palm-top computer. Typical (and incorrect) references to the Internet are made. Kilmer's acting as the multi-faceted saint is stunning and clearly here he is able to display talent that we would not have been able to in the Batman movies. Shue is charming and highly like-able, even though her portrayal as a genius scientist left a bit to be desired.

The movie ends with the two of them trying to escape Russia and Tretiak's goons and giving cold fusion to the world. This is definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

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