Rumble in the Bronx

I have been a fan of Jackie Chan for a long time, my favourite movies being The Protector, Armour of God, and Police Story. I liked these movies not just for the amazing stunts, which are almost always spectacular, but for the humour in his productions. Thus I went to this movie with similar high expectations, and I wasn't disappointed.

In Rumble in the Bronx, Chan plays Keung, who has just arrived from Hong Kong to attend his uncle's wedding. His uncle sells the grocery store he owns, in the Bronx, to a young chinese lady, who recruits Chan for help in the store. Right after his arrival, Keung gets on the wrong side of a motorcyle gang (a girl member of which is also his neighbour; the sister of a crippled young boy), and the market pays the price for his transgession. This sets up a feud between Keung and the rest of the motorcycle gang. Mixed in with all this is a rich industrialist mobster who is behind a diamond heist, but ends up crossing paths with Keung and the motorcyle gang after losing his diamonds. The market also pays the price for the mobster's wrath. As usual, Chan plays a character who is pitted against hundreds of others and manages to beat them all into submission single-handedly and humourously.

I was primarily not disappointed because the movie is standard fare for Jackie Chan. The dubbing is horrible, and the acting isn't the best. But the stunts are great and there are plenty of high-action high-speed chases, coupled with some spectacular stunts that are simply unrivalled. But the icing on the cake is that all the stunts and other actions are combined with Chaplin-like slapstick humour, and attention must be paid every moment to make sure one doesn't miss a laugh. It's refreshing to see a movie which doesn't take itself too seriously and is without the usual Hollywood slickness. This adds a great deal of honesty and character to the movie, and even plots that are traditional appear exciting in such a setting. Highly recommended.

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