Red Heat

Red Heat starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi stands out as a superior example of cop-buddy action movies where the cops hate each other but are stuck together as a result of circumstance. In this case, Schwarzenegger plays a Russian cop named Ivan Danko. (This is a perfect role for him since it matches his Austrian accent very well.) Danko arrives in Chicago in the search of an criminal named Viktor Rostavili (Ed O'Ross), who killed Danko's partner and is in America to create a drug pipeline between the U.S. and Russia. Art Ridzik, played by Belushi, is an insubordinate police officer who is assigned to help Danko. Coincidentally enough, Ridzik's partner is killed by Rostavilli's business partners.

Both cops go about bringing Rostavilli to justice in their own ways which are not entirely in harmony. There're a few well-made action sequences and the level of humour in the movie is fairly high, particularly when the two cops make stereotypical comments about each other's country. There is better stuff out there, but it is fairly entertaining and therefore worth renting.

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