Quick Change

Quick Change is a movie about an ingenious bank robbery and the lives of the three robbers as they make their get away. The leader Grimm (Bill Murray) is made for this job, for he can smooth talk himself out any situation he finds himself in. Among the people he manages to con include the entire city of New York, its police chief, a couple of armed people, and even the mob. His love interest/partner in crime is Phyllis (Geena Davis). She loves Grimm because of his sense of daring, but after she finds herself pregnant she begins to rethink her choice. The third member of this quirky ensemble is Loomis (Randy Quaid). He has been Grimm's friend forever and follows him around like a little lost puppy. He is not altogether with it and parts of the predicaments they find themselves in are due to his bunglings.

The three are being chased by Chief Rotzinger (Jason Robards). The movie concludes in a final scene where Grimm helps the Chief catch a mob kingpin and being awarded a commendation, the Chief totally unaware that he is a criminal. Comedy at its best.

This is a movie worth seeing. It is both cute and clever. It will make you glad you don't live in NYC.

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