Out of Sight

Low-sugar brain candy is how I'd describe Out of Sight. It's enough to keep you going through the two hours (or, in my case, the flight), but nothing to make you excited.

George Clooney plays Jack Foley, a bank robber, who ends up in prison after a botched bank robbery. He runs into Richard Ripley (Albert Brooks) a wealthy Wall Street financier who boasts of possessing five million dollars in uncut diamonds. Along with help of Buddy (Ving Rhames) Foley escapes from prison to pull off his "last job" (involving the uncut diamonds, of course). During the course of his escape, he falls in love with U.S. Marshall Karen Sisco (played by Jennifer Lopez). Foley then meanders around until the inevitable confrontation with Karen Sisco as he tries to accomplish his dream caper.

In general, I've found Steven Soderbergh's direction to be pretty interesting, even in movies that don't completely have it together, like The Underneath. Yet I found Out of Sight to be extremely empty of the rich symbolism and atmosphere that make his movies work. Likewise, there have been better adaptations of Elmore Leonard's novels (Get Shorty, for example). The acting in Out of Sight is decent: Clooney and Lopez are cute. There is a vague attempt at some interesting cinematic tricks, but in such an empty plot, the attempts just amount to platitude. The characters are rich, but the Pulp Fiction like time line jumping and freezing frames only detracts from them. The sound track is pretty good. The outcome is ambiguous, but by the end of the film I could care less about the fate of the protagonists.

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