The Object of My Affection

Every once in a while, I am obligated to go to what I term a "girl movie". Usually these movies are sappy, romantic, and in my opinion, without any redeeming values whatsoever. A review gives me the opportunity to vent, and if you're not interested in a biased view of The Object of My Affection, read no further.

The main theme of this movie can be summarised in a single sentence: Nina Borowski (Jennifer Aniston) is a single social worker in love with George Hansen (Paul Rudd), a gay schoolteacher who is in love with Robert Joly (Timothy Daly). The movie then is about how they resolve these conflicts. It's quite boring for the most part but does manage to pick up at the end. The chemistry between all the characters in the various relationships is severely lacking and the actors don't do much to advance the screenplay.

I've always had a hard time getting into movies about romantic relationships. For one, unlike science fiction or horror or any other fantasy genre, there is nothing that is really impossible in a love story. Further, what occurs in reality in this area is generally far more interesting. Who needs a movie about complicated relationships when with just a bit of effort you can complicate your own relationships just as much as depicted, if not more? Shows like The Simpsons have a more incisive, and often realistic, portrayal of relationships than movies like The Object of My Affection. Sometimes, a love story can be funny, but that's usually rare, and even though The Object of My Affection tries hard, it doesn't work in the comedy department either. As I said, no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

The Object of My Affection, like other similar movies, shows that homosexual relationships are, at a fundamental level, no different from heterosexual ones. While that may not be old news to most of America, it is to me. I recommend skipping this one.

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