Not Another Teen Movie

Different generations have produced movies tailored to a particular audience: teenagers. The current generation it seems has seen a particular glut of these films, which all use self-reference and parody to present a worn theme of what it means to grow up. These films also have a desire to push the envelope of what is accepted in society. It is therefore not surprising that a movie that parodies these current lot of films has been published, pushing the envelope even further than ever before.

In the film, the jock (Chris Evans) makes a bet with the cocky blonde-haired guy (Eric Christian Olsen) to make a ugly-yet-pretty girl (Chyler Leigh) into the prom queen. Helping him is his cruelest-girl-in-the-school sister (Mia Kirshner), and hindering him is his dense girlfriend (Jaime Pressly). This is with a backdrop of an interfering dad (Randy Quaid), the token black guy (Deon Richmond), the fat guy (Ron Lester), and the virgin who doesn't want to be one (Cody McMains).

Not Another Teen Movie is worth watching not for its humour (which is okay at times) and not for its outrageousness. It is worth watching because it is the epitome of a generation of tolerance, a generation where anything goes (or so it seems now--I can't wait to see what happens next): Just when you thought things couldn't get any more irreverent. The film goes beyond the standard gross-out gags and touches upon taboo subjects with a casualness that I'm sure will disturb most.

In the end, all these movies, even the "clean" ones, are just mindless drivel. Not Another Teen Movie doesn't make any pretense about what it is, but in fact supports the notion that what's on the screen doesn't matter anyway.

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