Every once in a while you run across a movie that is like Ohio---totally and completely average and bland. You can't really hate it except for its blandness and you don't really like it either. One such movie is North. North is the name of a versatile 11 year old who can do a lot of things: top the class in terms of grades, out-pitch and out-hit everyone else in the baseball team, and act like a veteran in school plays, but he can't do one thing: getting the attention of his parents.

Frustrated, he retreats to his secret hideaway where he meets the easter bunny (Bruce Willis) who gives him some tips on what to do. North then gets a court ruling to leave his parents and find others he would be happy with, but he is given a deadline to meet (the consequence of forfeit would result in him being remanded to a foster home).

The humour is pathetic and the sub-plot which involves him being shot at is even more so. The other sub-plots, which mainly involves his excursions to various places around the globe, could've been more developed, but they are left empty, resulting in a movie that I've described above.

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