Money Train

This time Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes are together as a pair of transit cops on the New York subway system. Not only do they work together, but they are also foster brothers.

The plot is a mixed bunch of things happening at the same time, essentially the kind of stuff Charlie (Harrelson) and John (Snipes) deal with as part of their jobs. During the course of one of their jobs, they run across, Donald Patterson (Robert Blake), who keeps track of the Money Train, the one that carries all the money after collecting it from the various token machines every day. Patterson, who will do anything to keep his Money Train running, is the bad guy in this story and Charlie and John are the good guys. As an aside, we have Grace Santiago (Jennifer Lopez) as a love interest of both Charlie and John, as well as being their co-worker. The dynamics of this triangular relationship drives some of the movie, as does the plot involving Charlie's gambling debts and the one involving the firebug.

The major thing about this movie is the action involving the trains, in particular the one involving the runaway Money Train. There are a lot funny moments, especially during the time Charlie and Woody banter. Snipes I think is a funny actor on his own, but with Harrelson, the chemistry really helps in getting the lines across the audience. They do a reasonably convincing job of being foster brothers. Overall, it's a decent time killer. Be sure to watch it without high expectations.

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