Mon Pleng Luk Tung FM

Imagine a coming together of American folk/country artists, showcasing their talents and illustrating the resonant nature of folk/country in parts of America, under the guise of a plot. That's what Mon Pleng Luk Tung FM is about, except that it takes place in Thailand.

The plot is as follows: An ailing old folk/country music lover puts up a prize of one million baht to arrange a local radio station to stage a contest to select the best folk/country singer. The best singer would be given the prize. Vying for it is an small-time "entrepreneur" from a poor village who wishes to help his village, a monk wishing to make repairs to his cathedral, a fruit seller who is tired of her name, and an assortment of other characters. Wrapped around this is a sub-plot involving a thief who is a master of disguises, loves Luk Tung music, and is after the one million baht prize.

Thai folk/country, like its Western counterpart, is influenced by pop, rock, and electronic music. The artists represented in the film are actual singers, some more charismatic than others. In particular, it was amusing to see Luk Nok Suphaporn (aka Khun Lamyai), one of the more spunky singers, live up to the lyrics of her popular hit song.

Mon Pleng Luk Tung FM is a great introduction to Thai folk/country music, and the culture, if you are not familiar with them, and likely to be hilarious slapstick with sing along songs if you are.

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